Takeaways 8


  • CRAP Design
  • Multimedia
  • User Interface Design
  • Typography
  • Rule of 7

CRAP Design

CRAP design are four basic design principles which are contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. All of these aspects work together and are important starting points when starting the process. These design step well help to eliminate the awkwardness of website or other documents and make your business appear more professional.


Multimedia on the web refers to audio, videos, slideshows, and animation. When developing a website multimedia can be helpful but you want to make sure that you only use multimedia that is tailored made for your business and that it actually matters. You don’t want to just have a bunch of videos because you can you want them to be short and to the point. Multimedia should enhance the users experience not overwhelm and hinder their experience on your website.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design is a huge and very important part, it focuses on what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are east to access, understand, and use to complete those actions. You want your site to share the common interface elements which are used across most websites such as buttons, search field, etc. to help ensure the user satisfaction and efficiency.


Typography is the visual component of the written word. A useful tip is to focus on making your body text look good and then the rest because there’s more body text than anything else. Font size is very important the headings should be a larger font while the body text should be smaller. Line spacing should be about 120-145% of the point size, line length should be an average of 45-90 characters per line. The font choice is also very important as it can change the entire feel and look of the website.

Rule of 7

The rule of 7 is an old marketing strategy which states that a prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least 7 times before they buy your product. People today are overloaded with information and messages that it will take for them a couple times of hearing or seeing your marketing message in order for them to remember it. Customers have many options when buying a product and they often go with who they hear and see the most about.


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