Takeaway’s 4


  • Copywriting for the Web
  • Domain Names
  • Discoverable Vs. Brandable
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google SEO

Copywriting for the web

Copywriting is the message to promote a product or business.

Copywriting is very important to help sell your product or brand, Copywriting has changed over the years but most of it is still the same according to crazyegg. You don’t just want to tell people how great your product is but tell and show them the benefit to them and and why they need your product. You want your copy to be simple words and short sentences. Most people who are on the web are in a hurry and don’t/won’t read through long paragraphs of texts about your product. It will take more than one try to write effective copywrite but these tips can help to get you going in the right direction.

Domain Names

Domain names are how people get to your website and are a unique identifier.

Earlier this year the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) announced new top level domains (TLD). Icann held an auction for three TLD on September 17th, which were .buy, .tech, and .vip. Amazon won the bidding war for .buy for a price around $4.6 million, Dot Tech won .tech for $6.76 million and gauche won .vip for $3 million. Domain names play a big role as that is how users will find your website and what they will associate with your company or product. These companies paid huge amounts of money for these TLD names to be unique and stand out from their competitors.

Discoverable Vs. Brandable

Choosing a domain name is becoming increasingly harder and there are two may routes a company can chose one that is easier for people to find or one where a company can build up a brand.

Discoverable brands rely on organic search results they are real words and phrases. You want to think of common words or phrases that people would look for when looking for your product or similar products or your type of company. Brandable names on the other hand are creative using sensory images that relate to your page is helpful.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is all about how to set up your web pages for them to come up in search results and be accurate and related to the keywords used.

The article I found discusses how SEO needs to evolve as it currently relies on keywords and not on key images and videos on your web pages. The first thing brought up it how we need to evolve from describing the physical characteristics to the use cases of the product. The images and videos should be driven by the way consumers discuss your product. You want to listen to what people say about your product and change your keywords and written descriptions to how they view and phrase your product.

Google SEO

Google is the leading search engine and they have come out with tips and how you should set up your website to best increase your ranking on search results.

In this article they discuss seven of Google’s SEO that companies need to know about. Google is constantly growing and evolving. It’s best to try to stay current with their techniques to stay current and near the top of their results as they are always enhancing their algorithms and process to rank the results. Content matters most to Google as they want to find what users are looking for so that they keep coming back to use Google. Google factors in many items and it’s impossible to account for all of them the main thing is to have quality content on your pages and for your keywords and descriptions to accurately describe each webpage.


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